As an integral part of our parent organization, Presbyterian Communities and Services, Grace Presbyterian Village shares a common mission to enrich the lives of those we serve by providing exceptional care and services in a faith-based environment.

Grace is the original campus in the Presbyterian Communities and Services system, serving residents since 1962. Through every decade, we’ve introduced improvement and expansion in our options for residential living, as well as our healthcare and wellness capabilities.

Building on the success of our Camellia Early Stage Alzheimer’s Care and its award-winning outdoor garden area — one of the first dedicated Alzheimer’s units in Texas — we’ve added services for mid- and end-stage Alzheimer’s care. Our mid-stage care center was given Pilot Project status by the state of Texas for its innovative design. Our end-stage care center was featured on NBC Nightly News as “one of the most appropriate care settings in the nation.”

As part of a campus-wide renovation, Grace added the Hillcrest Spa and Fitness Center, which has become one of the finest senior wellness centers in the region.

But Grace Presbyterian Village is more than a wonderful place to live and receive high-quality services. It’s where residents find comfort, peace and joy. Retired Minister of Spiritual Life, Tom Tickner, ministered to people of all faiths, and added a vital dimension to what made this community special. Worship, study, pastoral care, counseling, music and community volunteering are but a few examples of how living at Grace means living with grace.

We’re a community that is very much a family. Sharing and enjoying our time together in a neighborhood so lovely, it’s easy to forget the size and pace of the city. Grace is a place where it’s easy to live well and be well in mind, body and spirit.

A Community to Engage, Enhance and Enlarge Your Life